Our Farmers

Sanctuary Herb Farmer

This is Garmai Mawalo. She farms at Urban Edge Farm in Cranston, RI and has several community garden plots in and around Providence

Sanctuary Herb Farmer Nhia Lee

She is the top grower of our lemon grass!

Sanctuary Herb Farmer Manny Costa

Manny is the best grower of nettle and mints. He is also the best garbler in town and single handedly has processed 99% of all herbs in our processing center! Love you Manny!

Sanctuary Herb Farmer Nhia and Choua Xiong

They grow some amazing Tulsi and have such wonderful smiles!

Chang Xiong, Pak Express Farm, Cranston

Chang was a farmer in Laos before she landed in Providence. She started Pak Express in 1996, renting land from Urban Edge Farm in Cranston and is well-known for her gorgeous herbs, veggies and eggs!  She sells Sanctuary holy basil, chrysanthemum, and spearmint.

Nhia Yang, Lee Family Farms, Chepachet

Nhia came to the U.S. from Laos when she was a child.  Her large extended family farms at community gardens all over Providence, and in Chepachet.  She grows mint, lemongrass, and basil.  Nhia farms along side her aunt, Poua Xiong, who grows spearmint and lemongrass.

Manny Costa, Pawtucket

Manny, originally from Azores Islands in Portugal, has an abundant urban farm in his backyard in downtown Pawtucket.  Manny grows fig trees, all kinds of herbs including fragrant basil, and difficult to grow turmeric!

Garmai Mawalo, Urban Edge Farm, Cranston

Garmai’s original home is Liberia. She started out growing food in different community garden plots all over Providence.  She’s been farming at Urban Edge for 2 years.  She grows African basil, hot chili peppers, rosemary, lemon grass etc…

Choua and Kia Xiong, Greenleaf Farm, Cranston

Choua and Kia are prolific farmers who rent land at Urban Edge Farm.  We are thrilled to have their lemongrass, peppermint, lemon balm, thai basil and much more in our herbal tea blends.

Christina Dedora, Blue Skys Farm, Cranston

Christina also rents land at Urban Edge Farm.  She has been farming there for 11 years.  In addition to growing herbs such hyssop, peppermint and holy basil, she grows beautiful cut flowers and some vegetables.

African Alliance of RI, Providence, RI

The African Alliance of Rhode Island includes Charlotte, Zera, Sarafina and Josephina,

Blia Moua, Urban Edge Farm, Cranston, RI

Vue & Philip Yang, Cranston, RI