Happy Box

We’ve done our research and we’ve determined that there are three things that make people HAPPY: flowers, herbs and tomatoes!

Is this true? Well, yes and no… Harvard Medical School did conduct a study and found that when people have flowers in the house, it really does make them happier!

As far as herbs and tomatoes go, well, it’s all a matter of taste! And, we believe herbs and tomatoes do make us happy! For sure they make us healthy!

We’ve combined the best that Blue Skys Farm and Sanctuary Herbs has to offer into one delightful package of farm grown happiness.

This makes an excellent gift too. If you are buying as a gift, just let us know.

By buying in advance of the season, you save and you help the farmers with cash flow… labor and supplies are a heavy load in the early spring… this gives us help when we need it the most.


20 Weeks, every week, June through mid October

Floral Bouquet- approx 20-30 stems

The list of flowers is endless: sunflowers, statice, strawflowers, zinnia, sweet peas, dahlias, celosias, asters, amaranth, gomphrena, figwort, bupleurum, grasses, marigolds, calendula, craspedia, lisianthus and more!

Herbal Tea!

1 time per month (5 months: June through October)

Loose Leaf (1 oz) or 15 tea bags, your choice

Mint Squared: (Spearmint & Peppermint), Dream Sweet: (Lemon Balm & Chamomile), For Cindy (chocolate mint, lemon grass & Cayenne Pepper), Lemon Lovers: Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass & Ginger), Cloud 9: (Spearmint, Holy Basil & Lavender) & more…

Our teas are caffeine free, good iced, hot or cold brewed! Grown from our RI & MA farmer network by Sanctuary Herbs of Providence.

Culinary Herbs!

1 time per month (5 months: June through October)

Dried Culinary Herb .70 oz

Herbs de Providence, Herbs di Federal Hill, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and more!

Spice up your summer veggies, eggs, potatoes salad, or sauces.


1 time per month (5 months: June through October)

2 oz liquid bottle

Holy Basil, Nettle, Chamomile, Oat Top, Lemon Balm

Made with alcohol so shelf life is long; take as needed for a few weeks at a time.


10 weeks, every week, starting in August, September, October

2-4 lbs per week

From Cherry to Slicers to Roma and of course, heirlooms! From Orange, to Red to Speckled!

Amish Paste, Sungold, Supersweet 100, Brandywine, Tasmanian Chocolate, Pink Tie Dye, Valencia

All this for $495

early bird discounts:
Pay by March 1 – save 15% – total: $421
Pay by April 1 – save 10% – total $446
Pay by May 1 – save 5% – total: $470

Pickup options:

At the Farm: 35 Pippin Orchard Road, Cranston; Wednesday from Noon to 6

At the Herb Processing Plant, The Mill, 560 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket, Wednesday from Noon to 5 pm.

At the Farmers Market, Pawtuxet Village, One Rhodes Place, Cranston, Saturday from 9 to Noon

At the Farmers Market, Farm Fresh Summertime Market, 10 Sims Avenue, Providence, Saturday, 9 to 1